What's Wrong With Secretary Kim OST (2CD) (TvN TV Drama)

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim OST (2CD) (TvN TV Drama)

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Release Date: 2018.08.01

Language: Korean
Disc Format: CD
Publisher: Kakao M (Loen Entertainment)

<Track List>

CD1-1 Love Virus 
CD1-2 It`s you 
CD1-3 Wanna Be 
CD1-4 조금만 더 
CD1-5 그대만 보여서 
CD1-6 왜 이럴까 
CD1-7 토로 
CD1-8 처음 하는 말 
CD1-9 Love Virus (Inst.) 
CD1-10 It`s you (Inst.) 
CD1-11 Wanna Be (Inst.) 
CD1-12 조금만 더 (Inst.) 
CD1-13 그대만 보여서 (Inst.) 
CD1-14 왜 이럴까 (Inst.) 
CD1-15 토로 (Inst.) 
CD1-16 처음 하는 말 (Inst.) 

CD2-1 Secretary Kim 
CD2-2 Why Brass Band M1 
CD2-3 Kim Possible 
CD2-4 Man In Black 
CD2-5 Think Strings no.24 
CD2-6 Alsong Big Band 
CD2-7 Funny Sunny 
CD2-8 Why Slow Piano Mood 
CD2-9 Baby Elephant 
CD2-10 New Recruit 
CD2-11 Squeeze 
CD2-12 Lovely Girl 
CD2-13 Lonely Boss 
CD2-14 Big Bean 
CD2-15 Why Comic Lim 
CD2-16 Giant Foot 
CD2-17 Loving You Strings no.23 
CD2-18 Groove Company 
CD2-19 Mad Walk 
CD2-20 Nothing to Lose 
CD2-21 Edge 
CD2-22 Art of Love 
CD2-23 Pacific 
CD2-24 Tambora 
CD2-25 Old Story Strings no.13 
CD2-26 Tempest