Packing, Shipping, & Tracking

Preparing To Ship

We make every effort to get your order to you as soon as possible. Orders for in-stock items are normally shipped out within 1-2 business days. If an item is not in stock, we will notify you by a message or e-mail to let you know the expected replenish date and ask how you would like to proceed. Orders placed on a Holiday will ship the following business day.

For pre-order items, we usually receive our items within 7-12 days after our order date but of course, we need a day or two to sort out and inspect the external condition of products before we ship it out. 


All items will be packed carefully to ensure the protection of your item against damage while it is being delivered.

Each item will be individually wrapped with bubble wraps to protect the merchandise against knocks and shocks. Sensitive items will be packed in a hard paper box and shipped locally or abroad. However, Small Package has 2kg limitation so box packing can be changed to bubble vinyl bag when necessary and without notice.

Choosing Your Shipping Options

Your order will only be shipped once payment and delivery details have been approved. Please double check your billing and shipping addresses when placing an order. Rerouting of packages will never be possible unless the package is still with the seller.

We offer a variety of shipping and delivery methods for your convenience. Meet-ups are possible on designated areas at an agreed date and time between seller and buyer.

Shipping rates will be based on package weight and size. For more details, please send us a message at

Tracking Your Shipment

For your orders via mail option, we will provide you with the tracking number/s so you can check the expected delivery date and time.

Shipping Delays

Shipment delays are possible from time to time due to many factors while in transit. When items are locally available, expect to receive your packages after confirmation from us in 3-5 days, under normal weather condition. International deliveries usually take 10-30 days (or longer for some destinations), depending on the chosen shipping option.

Return and Exchange

We do accept returns, only if the item/s delivered are proven to have factory damage or defective in nature. Most of our items come from South Korea and our suppliers are guaranteed to be handling each item with the utmost care. Since most of the products are sealed, we do not know the actual condition of the products inside and so we could not accept claims for minor scratches of CDs and/or DVDs as well as any printed material defects caused by either factory packaging or printing. If items are unsealed, trust that we will be explaining this to you with pictures prior your purchase to avoid possible disputes.

When ordering from our store, we recommend recording your unboxing to support any damage claim. Any defects on the products should be reported immediately for assessment and investigation.

An exchange is permitted only if/when necessary due to an irreplaceable damaged product. A refund is an option only when agreed and necessary.