We are in Shopee!

Yes! We are in Shopee!

Shopee has been widely used by first time buyers who would like to test the legitimacy of sellers online. Yes, we are ThatKpopStore in Shopee! 

Our in-store items are posted on our website and some are now posted in Shopee too! Found something on our site but not on Shopee? Let us know so we can add! 

Avail of Cash on Delivery payments through safe purchase offered by Shopee online. What's more, Shopee offers free shipping for a minimum purchase too!

But hey, POSTERS IN TUBE are NOT ACCEPTED by Shopee's supported logistics provider due to size limit and so, we could not accommodate Cash On Delivery with Shopee's free shipping promos for posters. We can ship it through other couriers though, but payments would be through Shopee's Dragonpay! Check their site for instructions. It's safe!

Take a peak now and happy shopping! Visit https://shopee.ph/southwinds*

*changing to thatkpopstore soon (after 20 days)

Need assistance? Feel free to Send Us A Message!

by: Eds Pangilinan